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Brittany’s Endo Story: Part 1

Hello again! Now that I’ve (hopefully) motivated you to start your road to recovery with endo, I’d like to tell you a little bit about my own journey and struggles. The first symptoms I ever had were what I thought were just terrible, terrible cramps. I…

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An Endometriosis Diet?

While attending the 6th annual Endometriosis Conference for Teens and Families (at Children’s Hospital Boston on March 24th), I noticed that a lot of young women were concerned with what to eat and whether consuming certain foods could either aggravate or ease their endo pain….


Coping with Endo Pain and Headaches

When I first started to get endometriosis pain I noticed that it would coincide with terrible headaches. I never thought there was a connection, but as the years went on I noticed it more and more. I was in the middle of doing some school…

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Kicking Off Endo Awareness Month

The month of March is dedicated to raising worldwide awareness about endometriosis. Like other months that dedicate colors in association with certain conditions (pink for breast cancer, red for heart disease) endometriosis has one too; yellow. Endo affects millions of women around the world, myself…

Endo Awareness Ribbon

Endometriosis Awareness Month 2010

In honor of the 70 million girls and young women around the world who suffer from endometriosis, March has been selected as a time to raise awareness about this baffling disease. Although there are a handful of accepted theories, researchers still don’t know what causes…

Endo Awareness Ribbon

Endometriosis Awareness

Sometimes it takes a celebrity to shine a spotlight on a medical condition to raise awareness about it. In this case it is 20-year-old Julianne Hough, dancing with the stars dancer, and country-recording artist who has her fans and people of all ages chattering about…