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I Love My Thighs

Love Your Body, Everyday

Did you know that October 15th was Love Your Body Day? Nope? Neither did I, but I wish I had! This morning I was checking my favorite design related site (Quipsologies), and saw that someone posted a link to the gallery of the NOW Foundation’s ‘Love Your Body…

cookbook sale

Cafeteria Cookbook Sale!

Last Friday, the folks at the Children’s Hospital cafeteria were nice enough to allow us to set up shop for a few hours, right in the middle of all the action that goes on down there. Dennisse and I proudly wore our “Quick and Easy…


The Cookbooks are In!

Check it! The brand-new 2nd edition cookbooks are in! The printer just delivered them yesterday. They are beautiful and fun, and packed with so many delicious and easy recipes. This is our slammin’ 2nd edition of Quick & Easy Recipes for Teens.  Huge praise to…