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High School Graduate

How to Deal with Senioritis

Are you a freshman dreading the next four years of high school? Or are you a sophomore taking practice SATs in order to prepare yourself for next year? Maybe you’re a junior who has started going on several college tours in preparation for your final…



Have you ever heard of the club STAND? When I first entered high school, I did not know much about the clubs and organizations at my school. Therefore it took me a while to realize what STAND was and the purpose of their organization.


Don’t let tests get you down!

Testing is right around the corner and I’m stressing out even though all of my teachers are trying their best to prepare us. I personally am not a testing kind of person. I prefer to do lots of classwork and homework rather than sit down and…

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Being an Ally

Bullying anyone is hurtful, especially if it makes the victim feel like no one cares. Some teens are particularly vulnerable to bullying. Did you know that LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) youth are twice as likely to be bullied or physically attacked as other…


College: How Do I Get There?

It’s right there on the horizon, you know it’s coming and it’s scary. It’s college, this big scary concept which seems like no one truly understands. How do I apply? How do I pay for it? How will I know what college is right for…

High School Graduate

Opening Your College Letters – Part 2

What everyone hopes for is that they will be accepted to every single college they applied to, but many times that’s not what happens. It’s very likely that your growing pile of letters in the coming weeks and months will be filled with some “yes’s”…


Waiting for that College Letter – Part 1

The mailbox. The old, rusty thing you’ve walked by on your way home from high school for the past four years. The thing you hardly ever paid attention to unless it was your birthday and your grandparent was known to send a card with some…

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Keep Calm and Conquer Your Mid-Term Exams

With a new semester starting, and mid-term exams to study for, it can be a very stressful time of year. It’s easy to fall into an anxious mindset, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. A little anxiety can help motivate you to study…

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Dealing With Academic Pressure

Academic pressure is something that we all deal with. Ever since I was 14, I have known that I wanted to go to a good college and become a doctor. Sometimes the pressure to succeed seems overwhelming. Many teens feel the same pressure. Getting into…