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Taking Stress Off Your Plate

Have you ever felt so stressed that you just wanted some time for yourself to relax? Have you ever put so much on your plate that you didn’t know whether to go to sleep or stay awake and deal with all of your responsibilities? These…

Don’t Wait, Communicate

“Family is not an important thing, it is everything.” I believe that this statement perfectly describes the proper way to interact with your family. Family members are like lifelong best friends. Maintaining a strong communication with them can ultimately lead to having positive memories in…

Christmas Tree © Amanda Kohn

Christmas and Family

How many of you are counting down until Christmas? Why are you so excited? Is it because of the gifts, or are you more excited about spending time with your loved ones? I think that Christmas – like every other holiday – has been commercialized….

Dominican Flag

A Family Divided Between Countries

Hey guys, I just got back from the Dominican Republic. I was there for a month and it didn’t seem like I was there long enough. I had an amazing vacation – spending time with family and friends, going out, etc. Having my family divided…

La familia de Erica

Family: Near and Far

Kayla recently wrote a blog about how hard it is to leave your native country and to adapt to a different environment. I thought it would be interesting to give the opposite perspective; being born in this country, but having most of your family in…


Family Values

Have you ever felt as if there’s something missing from your daily life and it’s the only thing that can keep you going no matter what the situation? Well, that’s how I’ve been feeling lately about my family back home in Jamaica. I left Jamaica…

Family First

Family First

So I’m sure many of you have heard the saying “live life with no regrets”. For a while, I (like many people) was convinced that I’d be successful in living my life this way, and I thought I was – until May 18, 2010. This…

Dominican Flag

I Love My Culture!

This morning an old memory came to mind. When I was young – maybe six or seven, I got mad every time someone told me I was Dominican. I used to say I was born in America not the Dominican Republic, so I’m American, not Dominican….