It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

PaoliTime goes by very fast, but I’ve learned that you have to make the most of the experiences that come your way. Take advantage of them and mold and shape them into what you envision them to be. Wow! Almost two years at they CYWH…

Being a peer leader in the Center for Young Women’s Health was a challenging job, but it has been a wonderful and rewarding experience. Meeting new people and making new friends has been part of the highlight of being a peer leader but that’s not all. Educating others about having a healthier lifestyle has been tough at times, and very rewarding at times. I have decided to continue to do what I enjoy and study health education and have even thought about doing it internationally!

To all of you young men and women out there who are interested in becoming a peer leader, your wisdom and guidance is precious and valuable…help others like yourself understand growing pains, and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

– Paoli