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Abusive Relationship

Abusive Relationships

When people think about abuse in relationships, they often assume the abuse is physical. Although physical abuse is a form of abuse, it’s not the only type. There are other kinds of abuse as well: emotional/verbal, financial, and sexual abuse. Emotional abuse is when someone…


Why Can’t We Be Friends?

I recently read an article that discussed whether or not heterosexual men and women can be friends – and only friends. (I find that this concept that gets questioned a lot, especially after two people break up. ) The article references a study published in the…

Teen Couple Arguing

What Kids Need to Know Before They Start Dating

I recently read an article in the New York Times about a program in Idaho that is going to mentor middle and high school students about healthy relationships in order to reduce the rate of unhealthy relationships. The author mentioned that most teens don’t know…

Couple Arguing

You Can’t Change Someone

I was looking through my pictures the other day and I happened to notice how much I’ve changed. I think that without the photos the differences wouldn’t have been as clear. Little by little we all change every day, but because the differences are so…


A Guys’ Guide to Dealing With a Breakup

Gentlemen, even the most fiery and passionate of relationships don’t always last. No matter how much you love someone, it’s possible that you won’t be with them forever. It’s also possible that they will break up with you. We all know how difficult it is to go…


Long Distance Relationships

Have you ever tried having a long distance relationship? Often when the words “long distance”are added to “relationship”, your thoughts probably turn to people dating someone in another city, state, or even in another country. However, that‘s not always the case. Being in a long…

Texting & Dating

Texting & Dating

So many things in our world are changing due to technological advancements. Paper mail has now become a novelty – a hobby for some. Even books are digital now! As far as advancements that have changed the way people communicate, cell phones certainly stand out….