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Not Just a Hormone Imbalance

PCOS is primarily known as an endocrine disorder yet it impacts more than just hormone levels. While the majority of research studies focus on the prevention of long term health consequences such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, few studies acknowledge that PCOS greatly impacts a…

Endometriosis Awareness Ribbons

March isn’t just about Leprechauns

While some people think of March as a time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, teen girls and women with endometriosis are hoping to raise awareness about this unpredictable disease that affects approximately 5 million women in the United States alone. It is estimated that about…

Type 1 Diabetes: My Story (Part 1)

My life was forever changed at the early age of four, when I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. About a week before my diagnosis, I was experiencing symptoms such as extreme thirst followed by frequent urination, rapid weight loss, stomach aches and flu like…

How to Own Your Asthma this Winter

Do you cough when the weather gets cold or at night? Do you have more trouble with exercise during the winter months? Do colds hit you hard and seem to linger forever? If so, your asthma may not be as well controlled as you think….