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Homemade Warm Weather Treats

When the sun is shining and the heat is on, it’s natural to crave a frozen treat like ice cream, slush, or a popsicle. Did you know that there are many cold treats that you can make yourself at home? That way you can customize…

Eating for Comfort

Food offers us many benefits. It provides our bodies with fuel to perform the most basic functions like moving and breathing. Food nourishes our bodies with nutrients it needs to heal after surgeries or to rebuild after intense physical activity. It can be joyful to…

Healthy Eating Travel Tips

For many of us, summer means a break from school, a chance to spend time with our friends and family, and maybe even a summer vacation. However, during the summer, making healthy food choices, especially while traveling can be challenging! Hydration can also be difficult….

Fueling Your Brain

With final exams coming up, we could all use an extra boost while studying.  Your brain is one of the most critical organs of your body, not to mention it is actually still developing throughout your teenage years!  It is essential to choose the best…


Cool Off with a Healthy Frozen Treat

The summer months are a great time to be outside, spend time with friends and enjoy more free time than you may have during the school year. Between sunscreen and bathing suits, there is often opportunity for frozen treats such as ice cream and popsicles….

Seeds – A Healthy Super Snack

You may have heard that snacking on nuts is a healthy alternative to “junk” food such as potato chips or candy. Like nuts, seeds can be very beneficial to your health. They are rich in healthy unsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein, which make…

K's Corner

K’s Corner: Dining Hall Dilemmas

I asked my roommate what advice she’d give to people new to a dining hall in college, and her reply was: “Don’t eat pizza and ice cream, or drink soda every day!” Let’s face it, if you have a meal plan, it’s hard to resist…