The Cookbooks are In!

CookbookCheck it! The brand-new 2nd edition cookbooks are in! The printer just delivered them yesterday. They are beautiful and fun, and packed with so many delicious and easy recipes. This is our slammin’ 2nd edition of Quick & Easy Recipes for Teens.  Huge praise to the amazing team who made it all happen ― Phaedra coordinated the whole mongo project, Amanda did the gorgeous book design, and our astounding squad of nutritionists ― Julie, Kristen, Allison, Kendrin, and Susan ― created all these recipes for YOU, with nutrition guidelines, cooking tips, and much more. Many others on our team added our 2 cents as well. Look at some sample pages and learn how to order!

I was so thrilled (giddy really) to have my own copy, I brought it to the supermarket this morning, got some ingredients, made a delicious and nutritious strawberry shortcake (one for me, one for Alex), and promptly devoured it.  I’m here to testify: it was quick, it was easy, and it was super-tasty!

So, order a copy for yourself, or for a teen in your life! They’ll love it, and use it, and all proceeds from the cookbook sales go to support the Center for Young Women’s Health, so that we can bring you more of the best quality health information for teen girls and young women around the world.  A fabulous recipe indeed 🙂

– Freedom