Today Will Go Down In History…

American FlagToday was one of the most important days in history. It was an emotional day because I felt both relief and such hope for the future. Barack Obama is a strong individual and challenges Americans to think about and contemplate the important decisions we have to make as a country. He speaks to blacks, hard-working middle class families,  immigrants trying to make ends meet, and so many other types of families, struggling or not struggling. He acknowledges everyone’s hardships, especially with the financial difficulties our country is facing, and he genuinely cares about our issues. When I hear Obama speak I can feel every word, and I feel like he is talking to me face-to-face. He embodies many of the values that my family lives by, and most importantly he represents unity.

America is in desperate need of change and new ideas. Regardless of political views, we need to come together as a country and support our new president. However, it’s also important to remember that he’s not superman, he is a normal human being, just like you and I. We must be prepared for mistakes and not view Obama as a savior. We have to acknowledge that turning our country around is just as much our responsibility as it is his. Each of us have to embrace change, beginning in our homes and with our families.

Today was a glorious day and it shows that change is completely possible. It made me emotional because having a multi-cultural president means that the possibilities are infinite, and that nothing can stand in the way of someone and their dreams. We all want a more unified, organized, and compassionate America. Obama shares these ideals and wants to make them possible. I have faith and hope that Americans can make important changes and make it through any adversity that comes our way by working together.