Ready, Set, GO!

Youth Advisors 2009Our two new youth advisors Erica and Tynaya have been preparing these last couple of weeks for their first presentation. On Wednesday they are giving their first presentation on Safety on the Internet. To get the girls prepared for the presentation we did trainings on how to give an effective presentation. We discussed the important aspects of presenting, like knowing your audience, and keeping them interested with games and activities. Then I trained the girls on co-facilitation. Since we all present together it’s important to know other peoples styles, and have a strong group dynamic. This helps all of us get to understand one another’s personal presenting style, so we can have solid team-work. Then we began working on the specifics of Safety on the Internet. We watched videos that we plan to use as materials for our presentation, and we use real life examples of people that the internet has harmed. Although some of the material can be sad, it’s real-life and teens need to know about online dangers. First presentations can be overwhelming and Tynaya and Erica have done a great job with keeping up with everything here at the Center and all the other responsibilities in their own lives. Their presentation début will be fabulous. In our next blog entry we will keep you posted on how the presentation went and what the girls thought of it.