A Personal Lesson About Respect and Trust

Dominical FlagSome of you may remember that I went to the Dominican Republic this summer to visit my extended family. I had a blast. Going swimming, the music, the freedom, and seeing family made everything so much better. I’m 18, but my mom doesn’t believe that my age gives me the freedom to do whatever I want. When I’m home (in Boston) I’m not allowed to stay out late, go to parties, or do things that most teenagers do. While I was in DR I had a lot more freedom. I stayed with my grandmother, who is also very strict but for some reason gave me the keys to her house. This basically meant that I could come and go whenever I wanted, but … not really. I mean, she gave me the keys to her house which meant that she trusted me, but it also meant I couldn’t do her wrong. So, I always went home at a reasonable time, which is probably the reason she never told me to give back her keys. She also knew that I never went out alone. DR is just as dangerous if not more so then Boston, so I always went out with a big group of family and friends. What I realized is that I earned my grandmother’s trust by respecting her rules.