Passenger Responsibility

Car SafetyWhile waiting for my car to be fixed the other day, I picked up a travel magazine and read an article about passenger responsibility. It struck me that the only public campaigns to reduce car accidents that I was aware of have been focused on “driving responsibly” rather than “riding responsibly”. This, I thought was brilliant.

As a passenger in a car we have just as much responsibility to ride safely. In fact, as a passenger we have an important role to keep the driver of the vehicle focused, not distracted. So, next time you are a passenger in a car, whether it is with your parents or friends, think about how you can do your part to reduce the chances of becoming involved in an accident.

Here’s seven sensible ways to be a perfect passenger:

  1. Remind the driver and other passengers to wear seat belts.
  2. Tell the driver that you will: answer their phone, send texts for them, read a map, change the radio station, etc.
  3. Never let someone drive if they are upset.
  4. Help keep younger passengers quiet and calm.
  5. Suggest that the driver stop to rest if you notice they are sleepy.
  6. If the weather conditions aren’t safe, insist that the driver pull over.
  7. Never get into a car or let others ride with a driver who has been drinking or under the influence of drugs.