Not Your Typical Lecture

"Don't Say It" Calcium CardOn Wednesday December 2, 2009, we gave a presentation to a group of teen girls and guys at the Charlestown Boys and Girls Club. Ali (our nutrition fellow) did a really good job explaining basic nutrition principles and keeping the audience interested. The teens participated in an interactive discussion about the food pyramid and healthy food options.

Then we played a game called “Don’t Say It” (similar to the game “Taboo”) which we created to teach teens about bone health. In this game you are given a card with a featured word and 4 other words that you can’t use to explain the featured word. For example, the featured word for one of the cards is “Calcium”. You can’t use the words: milk, nutrient, bones or health to describe it. It’s harder than you might think, especially if you don’t know much about bone health. Although it was a challenging game, we all had fun playing. For being such good sports, we gave the group a complimentary copy of our own “Quick and Easy Recipe for Teen’s” Cookbook. We enjoyed meeting the teens from the Charlestown Boy’s & Girl’s Club and hope they have fun making lots of delicious & healthy recipes from our cookbook.

For more info & to download “Don’t Say It” and our nutrition presentation material, check out “Project Healthy Lifestyle“, a curriculum on our website.