Farewell from Emily

Hey it’s Emily!

School is approaching fast, can you believe it? Even the temperature seems to be dropping a few degrees as we grow closer and closer to the end of August. It seems like just yesterday I was walking cross the stage at graduation anticipating a summer filled with good friends, tons of fun, and awesome times with the girls at the Center before heading off to college in the fall.

Well here I am writing my “farewell” blog to all of our wonderful readers who continue to provide us with awesome support and feedback. As I began to reflect on my year at the CYWH, the realization that I’m leaving finally started to sink in, and it was a little scary. I can honestly tell you I’m not ready to leave our little family that has blossomed over the past year. I still sit and wonder sometimes how I became so lucky to be able to work in an environment such as the Center. It can be mind blowing at times. If I ever needed to vent (which was a lot this year) there was always someone ready to listen or offer good advice.

Working at Children’s Hospital I learned more about myself and my intended major (nursing). I gained confidence I never thought I had from giving presentations and interacting with diverse groups of teens. All of these gains couldn’t have come at a better time. It was almost as though someone knew I was going to need strength for the upcoming events in my life and figured “what better place then at the Center”. Well, to whoever predicted the future “Thank You”, because the amount of knowledge, strength, and wonderful friendships I gained from my experiences here made my senior year so much better.

There is so much more that I could write about my AMAZING experience at the Center, but I’m pretty sure it’d become a chapter book. Thanks to everyone I’ve worked with here at Children’s and in and around the Center, especially Ty, Erica, Phaedra, Amanda, Adrianne, and Dana – you guys are the best! To our readers; continue reading, it’s only going to get better and better!

Take care & stay safe!
– Emily