I’m a sophomore in college and I honestly think that I’ve never been this busy. I believe that I have good time management skills and always get my assignments done on time. I also feel like I’m not a really big procrastinator. However, I still get stressed and sometimes feel overwhelmed when I think about all of the things I have to do. For example, this week I have two exams and a paper due. In the few weeks I have two more exams to study for, a video to make, and two papers I have to write. This is aside from all of the heavy reading assignments I have.

Basically, I just want to remind people NOT to procrastinate. Don’t underestimate the amount of homework that you have or overestimate the amount of time you have to do it. Believe it or not – even two days is enough to have homework pile up. When you leave stuff for the last minute you’re probably not going to do as well as you could have done if you were prepared. I know that once in a while you might get away with writing a paper on the day that it’s due, or not studying for an exam and still doing well, but that’s not always going to be the case. Also, you shouldn’t procrastinate a lot because it can turn into a bad habit, which can lead to lower grades and a lower GPA. I’m pretty sure you don’t want that. Procrastination is just not a habit you want to have.