What Do You Wish Your Parents Knew?

What I Wish My Parents KnewThere are a lot of topics I feel uncomfortable talking to my parents about. Whether it’s about drinking, doing drugs, going through puberty, peer pressure, sexual orientation, sexual activity, or just normal teenage issues in general, it can be very awkward to talk to your parents. There’s often a lot you need to explain to them so they can understand what you’re going through, and sometimes you can’t find the right way to approach the issue and tell them what they need to know. Don’t you wish you didn’t always feel like you had to explain or defend yourself?

I recently wrote an entry for Children’s Hospital’s Thriving blog, about what I wish my parents knew about eating disorders. There was so much throughout my struggle with an eating disorder that I wish they had known (regarding eating disorder myths and how to best support me) but either didn’t have the strength to ask, or couldn’t find the words. Hopefully by sharing my experience and offering tips for parents with children who suffer from eating disorders, I’ll make at least one more teen’s struggle with an eating disorder that much easier.

So what do you wish your parents knew?
Check out the blog on Thriving, feel free to leave us a comment, and let us know what you wish your parents knew. Get in touch with us on Facebook, on Twitter, or by e-mail. Your topic could be written up by and posted by one of the teen members of our staff, and who knows – maybe it could save you from having an awkward conversation with your parents.

-Brooke, CYWH Summer Intern