PCOS Awareness Month 2011

PCOS Awareness PosterIf you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, you know firsthand how challenging it can be, especially in the beginning when the reasons for your symptoms were still unknown. This month is a great time to reflect on the emotions you felt before you knew there was a reason for feeling the way you did (or still do). Take some time to share the knowledge you’ve gained about PCOS with someone who may be struggling with symptoms such as irregular periods, acne, or unwanted facial hair. Encourage them to talk with their health care provider about their symptoms, and tell them that if they do have PCOS, there are treatments available to help control their symptoms.

According to the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Association “Almost 7 million women in the U.S. alone have PCOS and less than half know they have the syndrome.” With more than 3 ½ million women still in the dark about PCOS, we all need to do a better job at raising awareness about it. For example, if you know a teen who is complaining of symptoms associated with PCOS, why not suggest that they take a quiz? Our quiz is a way to check for the most common symptoms of PCOS. If you know a friend, family member, or someone else with a new PCOS diagnosis, you could offer resources such as health guides from our PCOS Resource Book.

We all have powerful voices that we can use to advocate for other women who have PCOS. It’s entirely possible to give PCOS the attention and awareness it deserves, just by taking action. I encourage you to do something to make a difference this month and get the word out about PCOS!