The Latest Facebook Virus

Facebook LogoHave you noticed the latest disturbing spam on Facebook? I have. Nude photos have been popping up on people’s Facebook pages. Apparently it’s some sort of virus, but it’s pretty outrageous that pornographic photos can end up on your newsfeed like this. Not only is this a dangerous virus that can harm your computer, but the photos are disrespectful. Some of the pictures even have labels with very troubling racist and ignorant comments. All this takes the fun away from socializing with friends and family. In my opinion, Facebook needs to deal with this situation; either fix it by blocking the uploading of photos for a while or just shut the website down all together until the matter gets resolved. By doing this I feel it will make a statement and show people that Facebook can be better than websites that don’t filter their content. My advice is to not click on any pornographic pictures and if you experience any sort of weird activity, go ahead and report it to Facebook.