Introducing Nutritionist Abigail

Abigail HammondHello! I would like to introduce myself as a new contributor to this writing space! My name is Abigail, and I’ve recently arrived in Boston after living and working for a time in Upstate New York (where I’m from). Although I’m technically a ‘Registered Dietitian’, I far prefer ‘Nutritionist’. ‘Reason being, I don’t plan to put you on a diet or tell you what is “right” or “wrong” as far as eating goes. Really, I don’t have a plan at all, but it’d be cool to talk about nutrition and maybe some other things too! I’m excited to tackle ideas and feelings about food and eating and perhaps even question (yes question!) some things we hear on the street or read in magazines… because all of the information out there can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Do you think so too?

It’s true: I hold near and dear a concern for the well-being of young people (you guys) and for a special young person in my life, my niece. Having this little person in my life (no doubt developing her own food and body “views”, no matter how small) made the opportunity to work with the Center for Young Women’s Health feel so meaningful. For her, for you, I am happy to be here.

My hope is that food, nutrition, and our bodies can be things we relate to with happiness, rather than fear. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to blog for you. I see it as a gift actually – so Thank You.

-Nutritionist Abigail