K’s Corner: Exercise Class, Week 4

K's CornerThis week’s exercise class was a little different than the previous classes. My instructor had us tell her what our favorite in-class exercises were so far, and then she incorporated them into our workout for the day.

Some of our favorite exercises included:

  • Plank twists: For these you get on your side and pick your hips up off the ground so that your weight rests on your elbow/forearm and on the sides of your feet. Your body should be straight, and you if you touch your side closest to the ground it should feel hard and tight (because those muscles are working to keep you up off the ground!). From here, take your other arm and twist your body so that your arm moves under you. Then move it up again. This works the side of your core (your stomach area). I always end up falling over at some point while doing these because I twist too far – haha.
  • Lunges with an exercise ball: For these you’ll need a ball, a book, or another object that has a bit of weight to it (but not too much!). You squat down to a 90 degree angle while holding the ball/book behind your head. When you stand up out of the squat, lift the ball up over your head and back down again. This works your triceps (the muscle under your upper arm).
  • Squats: Squat down like you’re going to sit in a chair.
  • Burpees: These are hard, but so worth it. Take a ball and lift it over your head with both hands, lower it to the ground, place it a foot in front of you, and place your hands on the ground. You should be crouched down with your hands and feet fairly close to each other… Ready? Jump your feet back so you’re in push up position. Now do a push up! Jump your feet forward again and pick the ball up over your head. Start it all over again… lift the ball, put it down, jump your feet out, push up, jump them in…
  • Foot fires: These are easier to do with a partner, because someone has to tell the other person when to lie down. Here’s what you do: Sprint in place until your partner says “down!” that’s when you drop into a push up position, jump back up to standing, and continue to sprint in place. We did these for about a minute – they really get your heart racing!
  • Hip raises: For these you’ll either need an exercise ball or a couch. You lie down on your back and place your heels on the ball/couch. Lift your hips off the ground so that your body is in a straight line from your knees to your shoulders, then lower your hips towards the ground, but don’t let them touch the ground! We did these for about a minute.