Operation Beautiful

Operation BeautifulAs we continue celebrating Eating Disorders Awareness Week, I’d like to share another really neat thing about the website Operation Beautiful. As I mentioned in my last blog entry, their goal is to end “fat talk”. How can one organization tackle such a difficult task?

According to Operation Beautiful, ending “fat talk” can start with something as common, simple, and affordable as the post-it note! With messages such as: “You are more beautiful than you know;” “You are more than the make-up on your face — you are beautiful” or simply, “You are enough”, the post-it note becomes a powerful tool, and placed ‘smack dab’ on the bathroom mirror, these notes are meant to shift our self-talk from critical to positive.

I was so inspired by this idea that I set out to try it in my neighborhood! I put up post-it notes with positive messages in the ladies bathroom at the public library, at a locally owned yoga studio, and an always-crowded coffeehouse. Simple but powerful, this small act will hopefully make the women who see the uplifling messages stop and think, and take the messages to heart.

PS: If you decide to post positive messages in public places, be careful not to cover any important signs. The photo I took is the real deal!

-Nutritionist Abigail