New Ruling about Emergency Contraception (EC)

Teen and Birth Control PillsOn April 30, 2013, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) made a decision to allow girls who are 15 and older the privilege of buying emergency contraception without a prescription. Up until now girls had to be 17 or older, so this change is significant. But there’s more information you should know.

  • Only one type of EC was approved by the FDA to be dispensed without a prescription (for girls 15 and older). This medicine is called Plan B One-Step™
  • The same rules apply to the other types of emergency contraception. That hasn’t changed.
  • Lastly, although this product is approved by the FDA, the pharmaceutical company that makes it will need to change the packaging information to include 15 year olds. So, it likely won’t be available in stores for a couple of months.

Be sure you talk to your health care provider and learn how to prevent unwanted pregnancies and stay healthy!

-Nurse Phaedra