SenioritisSo I’m graduating. Finally. I’m counting down the days until I walk across that stage, move the funny string on my hat to the other side of my head, and get my diploma. I’m so close, but so far away! I study hard, do my homework and get good grades, but I’ve just gotten to the point where I’m staring at my keyboard yawning because I’m just so bored of the work I’m assigned. All I can think about is that diploma and hanging out with my friends during the summer. I just can’t get myself to care, not even a little, about the rest of my senior year.

Does anyone else feel what I’m feeling? Folks, this is called Senioritis, a dreaded syndrome whose symptoms creep up unseen and unfelt. That is… until the day where a teacher holds you after class to talk to you about all the homework you haven’t turned in.

Remember to keep your eyes on the prize everyone! Even though I’ve totally done my share of slacking, I’m still keeping my grades up and getting to my classes on time. Many seniors have the attitude: “I’m already in college, I don’t need to try anymore,” or, “I already have a job ready for me, who cares about homework?” Don’t fall into this trap! An employer is going to want to see that someone they’ve hired actually finishes projects, not someone who stops when he’s ¾ of the way done.

Fending off Senioritis is difficult, but necessary. Focusing this late in the game takes effort, but here are some tips:

  • Set up your home base. Find a quiet, isolated, comfortable site for homework or studying. Make sure no one will come in to disturb you, or if you are in a group, your group members.
  • Work for intervals of 45-50 minutes at a time. Everyone likes to take a break here and there, but taking them too often (or not often enough) can keep you from being productive. I think that 45-50 minute study/work sessions are perfect, because I get antsy after an hour, and the 10-15 minute breaks are long enough to satisfy that antsy feeling I get.
  • Time management is the key to success. It’s really hard, but get a calendar or use your phone, assignment book, or even a whiteboard and map it out. Write down when all your assignments are due. Next, pick nights to do each one, and stick to your plan! When you organize it like this you’ll start to see that the amount of work that once seemed overwhelming will merely take a couple of hours each day.

I hope these three tidbits of advice will keep you from falling too far into the depths of Senioritis. A little bit of antsy-ness is unavoidable, but just remember to stay the course and finish up strong. Celebrating graduation will taste that much sweeter.