8 Easy Steps to Improve Your Body Image

Body ImageBody image is a major factor in self–esteem; the way you think and feel about yourself as a person. When you have a healthy body image, you’ll have positive self–esteem too. Check out these 8 easy steps to improve your body image:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others – Instead of comparing yourself to your friends or models in magazines, recognize that everyone is different and that’s what makes you special!
  2. Find your own style – When you think you look good, chances are other people will think the same. Forget about designer brands–simply find a style that complements your body shape and personality.
  3. Make healthier food choices – When you eat healthy, you tend to feel healthy too. Choose foods that have nutrients your body needs, such as fruits and veggies.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people – Feeling good about yourself also has to do with the people you spend time with.
  5. Build on your star quality – Find your hidden talents. Do you like to sing? Do your friends think you’re funny? Do you enjoy playing sports? These are just some examples of talents. Think about your strengths and spend time getting better whether it means taking lessons or practicing more.
  6. Pay less attention to the media – Magazines, movies, television shows, etc. can alter your perception of what is attractive. Remember that no one is perfect, not even models in magazines – the photos are almost always photo-shopped.
  7. Be positive – Some people find that posting uplifting quotes or pictures gives them a positive vibe. When you have a positive attitude, you’ll attract positive energy.
  8. Accept compliments – The next time someone gives you a compliment, smile and say “Thank You!”