Risky Business

Hookah PenJust a couple of months ago I went to a concert and as I was enjoying the music of one of my favorite artists, I noticed a huge cloud of smoke rising into the air. Instantly I thought, “Since when is smoking allowed inside the building?” However, as the cloud of smoke reappeared, I directed my attention to a guy who was holding what seemed to be a pen. As he pressed down on the pen, it lit up into many different colors, and when he released it, another cloud of smoke came out of his mouth. I instantly recognized that the pen was a “hookah pen” – something that many teens are buzzing about right now.

Pocket hookahs come in the form of writing pens, asthma inhalers, and lip-gloss sticks. They even come in different colors such as sparkly pink or purple. Recently, pocket hookahs have become a very provocative item, much like electronic cigarettes. A lot of people think it’s beneficial for those who want to try to stop smoking since the hookah pens will reduce their nicotine intake. However, although most hookah pens don’t contain nicotine, there are a few that do. There are also a variety of flavors which might make it more appealing to consumers.

Most people think that pocket hookahs are harmless since they’re labeled zero nicotine” or “water vapor”. They immediately assume that the liquid burned in the device has no tobacco. Studies have not been able to show the exact effects of hookah pens, but some say it encourages a smoking-like habit. That’s the last thing people need – especially teenagers. Perhaps in a couple of years, studies will show the effects that hookah pens have and whether or not they’re addictive, but either way; what’s the point? Why take the chance of risking your health?