Suicide is Not the Answer

robin-williams-250pWe were all shocked this week by the suicide of actor Robin Williams who brought so much laughter into the lives of so many. It is public knowledge that Robin Williams suffered for many years from bipolar disorder and substance use problems. It can be scary to everyone; especially teens who have emotional problems, to see a celebrity who seemed to have everything take his own life. On the other hand, Robin Williams was so well-loved that his suicide may be mistakenly glorified by some.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teens. The most important thing to remember is that suicide is preventable. When people become very depressed, they can lose perspective that many people love and care about them. They may also not realize that there are many excellent treatments for depression. Treatments include meeting with a therapist, outpatient programs and hospital programs that can teach techniques to deal with and relieve suffering. There are also many medications that can help people feel much better.

If you are feeling depressed or have thoughts of suicide, it is essential to get help right away. Talk to a trusted adult such as a parent, doctor, teacher, or clergy person to help get you to a counselor or therapist who can help. If you feel you need help right away, go to the closet hospital emergency room and tell them how you’re feeling. If you have a friend who confides in you that they have suicidal thoughts, it’s necessary to tell an adult, even if your friend might be angry with you for telling.

For more information on suicide prevention, check out the resources below.

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