Are you bikini ready?

bikinisThe weather is heating up and many teens are heading to a pool or the beach to cool off.  The media is quick to take advantage of this time of year along with major advertisers who are selling weight loss products. You’ve probably noticed strategically placed magazines in stores with feature articles such as “Get a Bikini Body in just 5 days”, or “Best and Worst Foods for a Bikini Body.” But what does “bikini-ready” really mean?

It isn’t just a coincidence that these magazines are hitting the shelves as soon as the sun is making an appearance. The magazine industry is quick to try to convince young women that in order to be “bikini ready” they need to follow a special diet or exercise plan. You might be surprised to know that the photos of models in magazines are heavily edited. The images of clear skin, small waist, a full bust and long legs are most often perfected using computerized editing and special retouching tools.  Therefore, the final images that you see in magazines are not always real!

So let’s check back in. What does having a “bikini body” really mean? Simply put, if you are physically able to put on a bathing suit, you’re bikini ready! There is a reason why bathing suits come in all sizes, shapes, styles, and cuts.  Guess what? This is because everyone has a different body, a different shape, and a particular style that flatters their figure. Polka dots vs stripes, halter vs strapless, one-piece vs two-piece. You pick!  Choose a bathing suit that you feel comfortable and confident wearing so that you can relax and enjoy the sun and water sports with your friends, but please don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

– Dietitian Jill