The top 10 reasons not to get inked: The advice is not what you think

hands of tattooist creat a tattoo on a woman's shoulder, close up

I recently read an interesting article written by tattoo and body piercing expert (Karen L. Hudson). She is also the author of Living Canvas: Your Complete Guide to Tattoos. I was intrigued right away by the title of the article: “Top Ten Reasons Not to Get Tattooed”. What could a proponent of body art possible have to say about this? I found her advice right on and wanted to share her wisdom with you.

  1. Getting tattooed at a party or event is not cool- The author says, “Getting tattooed at a party or special event may sound exciting but it’s usually a recipe for disaster.” The environment is likely unclean and certainly not sterile, and tattoo artists that do home parties are typically not accountable should anything go wrong.
  2. You’re drunk– It’s actually illegal to get tattooed if you’re not sober but it still happens. Think about it for a minute. Do you think you will make the best decision about a tattoo if you’re XXXXfaced? Since alcohol thins the blood, chances are you will likely bleed more than usual and be at risk of getting an infection.
  3. You have a medical condition or health problems that could complicate healing- Certain medical conditions such as diabetes and circulation problems, (just to mention a few) can mean that getting a tattoo is actually dangerous. This also applies to certain medicines that thin the blood which include over-the-counter herbs and supplements. It’s always best to get your health care provider’s opinion before you get inked.
  4. You want to get the name of your latest crush tattooed on your body- What are you thinking??? Let’s face it. You’re young and will probably have many relationships before you find your soulmate. It is basically lame to get your partner’s name or initials tattooed on your body. End of rant.
  5. You think you can simply get the tattooed removed if you have second thoughts– WRONG. Getting tattooed with this mindset is just plain crazy. Having a tattoo removed is expensive-a lot more than getting one, it is very painful, and removal can cause scarring! Think long and hard before you decide to get inked.
  6. You’re being pressured into it– Getting tattooed should never be about peer pressure. Getting tattooed is a big deal. So even if you lose a bet, don’t do it unless YOU want to. Remember, it’s YOUR body and you are the one who will have to look at yourself in the mirror.
  7. You don’t understand the meaning of the design or language– You may love the look of the design but consider this, what if it means something really stupid or it represents something that you are totally against? Believe me this happens and it sucks when it does. Find out what the design or language means before you have it permanently placed on your body.
  8. You’re not totally sure about the design– This also happens, unfortunately. If you have only thought about the design for the last 24 hours, or if you keep changing your mind, just wait. Wait until you are completely sure so you won’t have any regrets later.
  9. You realize you don’t have enough cash to get the tattoo you want- Don’t settle for a design because it’s cheaper. Just wait until you have enough money to get what you want. Do your homework and find a qualified artist. Some people settle for an inexperienced person because it’s cheaper. This is never a good idea. The author says, “When it comes to body art, you shouldn’t be looking for a bargain.”
  10. Finally, you’re not legally old enough to get a tattoo- Reputable body art salons require that you be of legal age to get a tattoo and/or your parent’s consent is needed (depending on the state you live in). The only other way to get tattooed is by doing it yourself or getting it done by someone who isn’t a professional. Either way, it’s totally risky and could mean that you end up with a seriously ugly tattoo and a whopping infection that could land you in the hospital.