The Present of Presence

I have recently been introduced to a new concept: mindfulness. Mindfulness is supposed to help you deal with stress by making you focus on the present. Mindfulness is also supposed to help you relax by focusing more on your body and breathing. I am trying to use mindfulness more in my day in order to reduce my daily stress. I have already practiced being mindful while eating, being in class, and while doing my homework. Being mindful during these times has helped me become more aware of what I’m doing. I notice myself getting distracted, which helps me to slowly redirect my attention back to what I am doing.

Being mindful is useful because it makes me notice myself more. For example, when I am being mindful of how I am sitting, I will usually catch myself slouching, which reminds me to adjust my posture. Being mindful has helped me notice things that I typically overlook like the facial expressions of those around me, which is usually a good indication of how one is feeling. It has helped me control myself more, like when I get angry it helps me control my temper which helps me avoid ranting or speaking harshly.

Sometimes it is nice to practice being mindful by closing your eyes and taking about 5 minutes to just focus on your breathing and do a body scan, where you can notice how your body is positioned and how you are feeling in every part of your body. Doing this can help you relax the parts of your body that are tense and maintain a constant breath can make you feel calmer. I think practicing mindfulness is very interesting because it allows me to observe myself and better myself. It helped me see and appreciate things as they are in the moment. If you want to learn more about mindfulness and meditation visit our website!

– Ayatt