The role of social media

Today, virtually every teenager has some type of social media account. Social media serves as a way to communicate with friends, stay updated and to entertain yourself. Social media also has the ability to alter your reality and decrease your self-esteem. When you log into Instagram, the explore page is filled with pictures of models, people having a fun time and succeeding. Often this can make you feel like you’re not doing enough, or you might compare your life to the lives of people you see on Instagram. I, personally, have experienced feeling left out as I scroll through photos. We should remember that people don’t post everything on social media; we only see what the person allows us to see. People are more likely to post the positive things in their lives, rather than their failures. The posts on Instagram are only half-truths, it may seem like the grass is greener on the other side but those images have been altered and planned out. On my social media I share photos of myself or family, but I don’t share any other personal information.  I believe social  media should be seen as a place where you can be inspired, not a place to compete in. It is harmful to your mental health if you post out of envy or bitterness. You should share what makes you happy, not what you believe will cause reactions.