Introducing JD!

Hey everyone! My name is JD and I’m from Boston, MA. I’m 18 years old and currently a high school junior where I’m captain of the Cheerleading team. My favorite classes are Chemistry, Italian, and Facing History! Outside of school, I enjoy cheering, and working at Boston Children’s Hospital.  Some of my favorite pastimes are traveling/ learning new languages, hanging out with my friends, and watching Netflix. I hope to one day to fuse my love for language, science, and history/social justice by being a doctor at a hospital like Boston Children’s that provides so much to not only the Greater Boston area, but to the medical community on an international level.

I decided to become involved with the Youth Advisory Program here at Boston Children’s Hospital because I feel it is so important to have a teenage voice that you can relate to in times when you may feel misunderstood. That being said, I’m truly excited to share my own life experiences and perspectives on dealing with important issues that pertain to all of us.

Thanks for reading!