How to Swap out the Not-So-Healthy Summer Treats

The summer is not complete without popsicles or ice cream melting down our arms and soda to sip on. While these treats are tasty, they are loaded with sugar and not very healthy if eaten every day. The good news is there are healthier options available that are both yummy and packed with nutrients. Here are some healthier alternatives to these summer favorites:

Ice Cream:
Switch out your ice cream for a smoothie bowl! Blend ice with your favorite frozen fruits and top with granola, fresh whole fruit such as blueberries, or another topping of your choice. You can also sneak in some vegetables by blending them with plain yogurt.

Swap out your store-bought popsicles with homemade ones to control the amount of sugar added. You can blend up some fruit and vegetables or create your own yogurt concoction to freeze. Experiment with toppings such as pineapple chunks, granola, or bananas to create your very own frozen treats.

Replace your favorite soda with healthier alternatives such as sparkling water with a splash of juice or fruit to get that fizzy fix with a light fruity sweetness. Homemade ice tea with lemon and honey is also another healthy option.