Teen Voices of COVID-19: How do you deal with the constant input of news?

Njoki: With this constant influx of news, sometimes I get too caught up in all the tragic things going on in the world. Hearing one piece of bad news, makes me watch other videos about the numerous challenges people must overcome right now. People are losing their jobs, have no access to healthcare, are homeless, and can’t put food on their tables. Every time I watch the news, I’m left with a sinking feeling in my stomach. I now try to watch videos about the numerous acts of kindness and everyday heroes to lift my spirits. For every piece of bad news, two people are working to bring more joy to people’s lives. From videos of a delivery guy being extra cautious to a doctor taking the time to make sure the homeless people in his city aren’t sick.

Kaitlyn: I’ve never paid that much attention to the news before, but now I have been checking the news almost every night to read about the Coronavirus updates. I feel like I don’t really know what to believe because there are so many conflicting sources. The news usually just freaks me out more, when I hear about these hospital horror stories and young people getting really sick, so I try not to keep obsessing about it. In the first few weeks, I was checking for updates all day long and looking up everything I saw on social media, but it was just scaring and distracting me. Now I have been limiting myself to just check the news once a day at night, and just read the bigger headlines so I can stay informed.