A Girl’s Best Friend

Tail wagging eagerly, panting hard enough to make his body bob up and down, and eyes glued to me, my beast started his day. I woke up today with his sixty pounds on top of me and his head on the pillow next to mine. As soon as he saw my eyes open, the excitement was just too much to contain as he continuously jumped on my bed, and I groaned just wanting those last few minutes of sleep. Nevertheless, my dog was awake, so I was awake.

It’s now been seven years since my family drove to an animal shelter hoping to find a German Shepherd or Husky puppy, but instead found ourselves with a twelve week old ridiculously hyper Hound mix, that sat on my lap the whole way home. The first few weeks (or years) with him, he was a complete terror. From important homework assignments to overpriced leggings, nothing was safe from Harley. Despite all the stuffed animals and clothing, I lost to his bold streaks, I loved bringing him for walks, showing him off to my friends, and having him sleep at the bottom of my bed.

Now seven years have gone by and he’s moved to the top of my bed, but I’ve only grown to love and need him more. We adopted him when I was in the fifth grade, but since then, we’ve been through a lot together. Starting middle and high school, there have been a lot of nights full of frustration and stress. However, when I’m upset, Harley can always tell and wants to help. While I’m sure he’s probably annoyed me more at times, it’s always comforting when he puts his head on my lap and looks up at me. I started working for the first time the summer before sophomore year. My first few shifts I would come home exhausted and just collapse on my bed, only to find Harley was right there with me. He’s also been there for the happy times, and never fails to become excited just because he can feel the happiness of the people around him. Whether crying or jumping with joy, Harley has always been there for me, and I couldn’t imagine my life without my furry beast.

Life can be stressful and hard and I think we all need something in it to make us laugh a little each day. Whether it’s a fish, dog, or anything else, pets fill a hole in our lives. They make our long stressful days okay, no matter what. For me, at least, Harley makes everyday a little better and I don’t know what I would’ve done without him. He’s my best friend, and no ripped pair of leggings or early morning jumping will change that.