Goodbye from Njoki

Goodbye! Unfortunately, the time for me to move on from the Center for Young Women’s Health has come. In the fall, I will be going to Duke University in North Carolina. I plan to study Global Health and Psychology on the pre-med track. I am very interested in the medical field and public health. Right now I hope to go to medical school after my four years at Duke to become a doctor. Through my time as a peer leader at the Center for Young Women’s Health, I have learned a lot about working in a hospital and being a doctor. Participating in the resident training program, allowed me to be around people who are in the process of becoming doctors and find out more about going through residency. I got to see that doctors are real people, who get nervous and make mistakes. The process of becoming a doctor seems very daunting because of the long hours, impossible chem class, and the number of years it takes, but interacting with people going through that process helped me realize that it is possible and I could do it too. My time at the Center for Young Women’s Health has given me more confidence in my abilities and prepared me to succeed in my future studies at Duke. I will forever be grateful for those who supported me and gave me all these opportunities. Thank you!