A letter to my future self

Hi future Amanda,

Let’s set the scene. You just turned 18. You got those blonde highlights for the Harry Styles concert that are way blonder than the rest of your head. You still go to private school, but you are currently applying out to college. (Our parents are not happy about you potentially leaving.) You are stressed, put simply.

But life is also good. You are doing all of the adult things you dreamed you would be doing; for example, this upcoming weekend we are going to get our ears pierced again all on our own! Whoa. It’s currently December, so you are enjoying watching the snow (and rain, thanks global warming) as you do your homework in Disney pajama pants every night (you know the ones). You hang out with your friends from your hometown and your friends from school, and you’re trying to figure out your love life in between.

In a couple of years, we are going to be somewhere completely new, but right now, things are comfortable and safe. The past year has been a whirlwind of emotions and loss, and you’ve had to self-reflect and grow a lot. Hopefully soon, we will even have a professional to work with.

So now that I’ve given you a short recap of our life so far, what’s the future like?

Have you followed our 12-year plan? Do you still want to be a gynecologist? Have you pursued our interest in public health? Are you married yet? Do you have a luxury apartment in Back Bay? Please tell me you have an Equinox membership now.

I hope that you’ve achieved all of our goals–but more importantly, I hope that you haven’t forgotten what you were once like.

I hope you remember to be the loudest person in the room. I hope you remember to take care of your friends. I hope you remember to be soft, just as much as I hope you remember to protect yourself and your heart.


18-Year Old Amanda