Introducing Lilly!

Hi everyone! I’m Lilly, the newest peer advisor at the Center for Young Women’s Health, and I’m super excited about this position. I’m 17 years old, a junior in high school, and I love science. I’ve always been very interested in math, but after taking biology my freshman year, and chemistry this past year, I realized that science is where my passion lies. Chemistry is my favorite class, I love how it explains so much of the world around us, and I find it so interesting. This year I’m taking AP Chemistry, and although it’s a challenging course, it has only made me love it more. At school, I am involved in both the PreMed and Fem in STEM clubs, as well as MedScience programs at Harvard and Boston University. I’m very interested in medicine; I’m definitely thinking about pursuing a career in healthcare, or I could also see myself going down more of a lab or pharmaceutical route. The good news is that I have some time to figure it out!

Equitable access to Women’s Healthcare is something I am very passionate about, and hope to bring awareness to through this position. I am a part of the Ladies Collective club at my school, which helps raise awareness around many things, including period poverty. Right now we are hosting the annual period drive to help those in need. I am so excited to share my passion for science and help inform teens about their health through this blog!