If you’re in high school or college, it’s probably fair to assume, you’ve heard of the BORG; A drinking trend that is taking social media and college parties by storm. BORG stands for Black-Out Rage Gallon. This popular drinking trend is not only super dangerous but has sent a number of college students to the hospital. BORG is essentially mixing some combination of water, alcohol, electrolytes, and caffeine into a gallon-size jug. The thought behind the mixture is to become intoxicated quickly without having to deal with a hangover the next day. However, that’s not the case, in fact, this new trend could be downright deadly. Not only does it promote excessive alcohol consumption, but it comes with other dangers such as excessive electrolyte consumption and mixing caffeine with alcohol.

As the electrolyte mixes are used as a flavoring, a lot of the product is used.  Consuming such a large quantity of electrolytes can lead to a sodium and potassium imbalance in the bloodstream. Having sodium and potassium levels that are out of whack can become dangerous as these electrolytes control our muscles, nerves, the rhythm of the heart, and fluid balances. Using electrolyte products in a BORG comes from the common misconception that electrolytes will cure a hangover, which of course is a myth.

The Mio concentrate commonly used contains caffeine. Mixing caffeine with alcohol is very dangerous as this combination creates a false sense of alertness for the person drinking. This can create a very dangerous situation.

Another concern of the BORG trend is the sharing of said container. Sharing isn’t always caring, especially in a large group setting.  At a party, it’s hard to know whose mouth has been where creating a great environment for germs to spread. It’s hard enough trying to decrease the spread of germs, but it’s also nearly impossible to know what people might be adding to your BORG.

Although this trend may seem fun, you should take into consideration the harm you could cause to yourself and others by consuming such a large amount of alcohol mixed with electrolytes and caffeine.

-Nutrition Student Olivia