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Addicted to Facebook

For many of us, social networking has become a part of our daily routine. We wake up with Facebook, we have lunch with Facebook, and we go to bed with Facebook. Checking our Facebook accounts has become one our daily necessities, for not only my…

Navel Piercing


I just got my navel pierced! It’s one those painful but cute things that some girls (and  boys) do, especially during the summer. The actual piercing didn’t hurt at all, but I must admit that I was terrified. I went to the salon with a couple…

Washing Hands

Swine Flu Info

By now you’ve probably been hearing a ton about swine flu in the media. It’s a lot of information to wade through. Here are some useful tips based on a Public Health Fact Sheet issued by the Massachusetts Dept of Public Health about swine flu….


Resident Interviews

So as a youth advisor here at Children’s Hospital Boston, one of my responsibilities is to participate in resident training. Basically, the interns and medical students that are working here are invited to have mock appointments with us, (the youth advisors) and we play the roles of the…

Feeling Sick

Crazy Cramps… The 411!

Ever feel like your cramps just don’t end? Well you’re not alone! A lot of females suffer really bad cramps during their menstrual cycle, and even though it may not seem like it, there is hope. It is extremely normal for you to have mild…


Girl 2 Girl

Asking a complete stranger for information on personal topics like birth control or teen pregnancy is beyond awkward. It’s sort of like the feeling you get when you go into the drugstore to buy pads or tampons and there’s a really cute guy at the register, ringing up…