Being a Pregnant Teen is Not Cute or Fabulous

Crying BabyWhat with the unending media coverage of various pregnant teens in our culture, I just wanted to weigh in with this: being a pregnant teen, and becoming a teenage parent, is not cute, fun, fabulous or trendy.  Having to take care of a baby and raise a child is incredibly hard work. It’s harder than getting through high school. It’s harder than going to college. It’s harder than many jobs out there in the working world.  It’s not a job you can go to for a few hours, then go home and put your feet up and watch TV, or go out with your friends.  It’s a job that you will have 24-7, for the next 18 years.

So think long and hard when you are deciding what to do about sex and pregnancy. Get good information about birth control. Talk about it with the person who you are considering having sex with. And while your at it, get some good info about STDs, and talk about that too. Being shy might make this difficult, but you’ve got to inform yourself, and talk about this stuff.  What’s at stake here is the rest of your life.  We care so much about your future, and want you to make good choices that will lead to a healthy, happy life for you, filled with the opportunities you deserve.

– Freedom