Cafeteria Cookbook Sale!

Last Friday, the folks at the Children’s Hospital cafeteria were nice enough to allow us to set up shop for a few hours, right in the middle of all the action that goes on down there. Dennisse and I proudly wore our “Quick and Easy Recipes for Teens” T-shirts (see, handed out  bookmarks, postcards, and newsletters, and most importantly, we sold our cookbooks and gave away free, yummy samples that we cooked up ourselves – straight from the books’ recipes! The dishes we featured on Friday were: Sweet Trail Mix, and Spinach Squares, Easy Hummus (complete with carrots and Pita!), and *Almond Cookies*. They were delish, and we gave ’em all away, save for a few bites of Phaedra’s trail mix that I snacked on later that afternoon.

cookbook sale

We weren’t sure what the turnout was going to be like, but it was great! Lots of people stopped by to ask about the book, check it out, and grab a bite. We also got some very nice compliments and sold quite a few books along the way! It was really great for us to see all of our hard work pay off, and to recieve such wonderful support for the Center for Young Women’s Health from the people who bought the cookbook. We’re looking forward to having another cafeteria day sometime soon!

*Almond Cookies* I baked the Almond Cookies to bring to the sale with us, and I have a few notes for any of our readers that have purchased (or plan on purchasing) the cookbook. The recipe states that it should yield 18 cookies, but I found that it made almost double that amount. This is good news though, because that means the calories per cookie go down from 165 to approximately half that amount! Also, (and I suppose this could vary from oven to oven) I had to keep the cookies in the oven for about 15 minutes, whereas the recipe says 8-10. I think the best thing to do is just keep your eye on them every couple of minutes or so to see how they’re doing.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by that day, and big big thanks to those who purchased a cookbook in support of the CYWH! Happy, healthy, cooking and baking!