We’ve Been Podcast by HRSA!

HRSAHello blog readers,

I know it has been awhile since I blogged, but here I am. I hope you enjoyed reading about the two new fabulous youth advisors we have here at the Center – Tynaya and Erica. The reason I haven’t been blogging is I have been extremely busy with college and once I get into the Center I have a long list of responsibilities.

One of the CYWH’s most recent projects was a podcast. For those who are wondering what a podcast is, it is an audio recording of someone or multiple people talking, which is uploaded online and people can download it to their computers or MP3’s. The Podcast we are in is an interview facilitated by Morrissa Rice, the Lieutenant Commander and Coordinator for the Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA) in the US Department of Health and Human Services. Morrissa’s job is to research and publish health information related to women, and one way she does this is through a series of podcasts.

Doing the podcast took a lot of coordination and efforts from everyone involved. It all began at a conference call for planning between Phaedra, Morrissa and I, we discussed what information we wanted to include and went over how everything would go. The next step was Phaedra, Freedom, and I coordinating and deciding what areas each of us were going to discuss. Once we broke it down into our individual parts, I began writing an outline to describe what the Youth Advisory Program is all about and what my role as a peer leader at the CYWH is.

On the day of the podcast recording Phaedra, Freedom and I huddled around our office phone. We began the conference call by doing a brief run-through to test the sound of our voices. After the run-through when we actually started recording I was so nervous. But once we started it felt like I was just having a phone conversation with someone. Although I said “umm” a bunch of times the Podcast was still a major success, and is a great description of what we do here at the Center for Young Women’s Health. To listen to our Podcast, click here.