Prom Safety

PromHey guys,

Prom is approaching really soon for a lot of us! We all want to have a good time, and we have to make sure we party like rock stars… in a safe way. People often get caught up in the whole “prom” attitude, and forget safety basics. It’s easy to lose focus on things that we should remember, since prom is a night for us to have fun with our friends, not worrying about problems. Whatever the case may be, nobody wants to end up being grounded or in a hospital bed after the prom, so here are a few tips to help you stay safe on prom night.

  • Let your parents know where you plan on going and what time you’ll be home
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Never get in a car with anyone who has been drinking
  • Bring your cell phone with you just in case any unexpected things happen
  • Make sure you have a safe destination for after prom
  • If you do decide to have sex, make sure that you use protection
  • Don’t make any bad decisions that could affect your graduation
  • And last but not least, have fun and remember this night forever!