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Prom Night Decisions

Homecoming and the prom are usually very important events during a girls’ high school experience. Along with the stress of finding the perfect dress, shoes, and the right hair-do, there is also stress about finding a date, or for some, making the decision to go…

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Prom Night Safety Tips

The days leading up to the prom are usually filled with anticipation and excitement. There’s the shopping for the perfect dress, shoes, and accessories, and getting hair and nails done. There are also other important details, such as figuring out how to get to and from the…


Prom Safety

Hey guys, Prom is approaching really soon for a lot of us! We all want to have a good time, and we have to make sure we party like rock stars… in a safe way. People often get caught up in the whole “prom” attitude, and forget safety basics….