Teen Dating & Violence

RihannaSo, we all know about the situation with the pop superstars Chris Brown and Rihanna. Regardless of what the tabloids may say, domestic violence is not okay and it should not be condoned in any way, shape, or form. Nobody deserves to be verbally or physically abused. In a survey conducted by channel 4 news, most teens said that it was Rihanna’s fault that she was hit, and that she must have provoked him. This just shows that teens are trying to find excuses for teen dating violence. But, the reality is, there are NO excuses!

If you are in a relationship where you feel unsafe or threatened, get out of it immediately – do not stick around. And for all my boys, putting your hands on a female does not make you “cool”, nor does it make you a man. So if you feel like you are about to say or do something that may be harmful to your significant other, walk away and cool off, and realize the mistake that you are about to make. Just like Chris Brown, you will never be able to fully live this down. The same goes for the ladies as well. Though it may sound weird, women can be just as abusive as men can.

If you have any questions about safety in your relationship, visit our health guide.