Let’s Talk About … Texts???

TextingSo, there is a big controversy going on about sexting. I know many of you have heard about it either on the news or from your friends. But for those of you who don’t know, sexting is when you send sexually explicit pictures of yourself or someone else, via text message. Some people are doing this to gain attention from boys, or because they find it “sexy”. Whatever the reason may be, sexting is not cute, and if it gets in the wrong hands, your once private pictures may be available for the world to see. 

If you are under 18 and send inappropriate pics of yourself, you and whoever views them are violating the law. Taking and sending nude photographs of minors is considered “child pornography” and sending inappropriate pics is considered “pornographic production and distribution” which is a felony. So, have respect for yourself and don’t get involved with sexting and if someone says, “send me a picture of your _____”(what your mama gave you), ignore them or tell them that you respect your body much more than that AND besides you’re not looking to get arrested for pornography distribution. Remember, if any inappropriate pictures are sent to your phone, delete them immediately.