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Your Cell Phone Ring Isn’t a Bedtime Lullaby

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Is it a text message? A Facebook update? Or maybe a cool Instagram picture? We’ve all heard it before. Our phone vibrates or rings to let us know that we have a text message, or social media alert. If you’re like a…


Your Text Can Wait

Did you know that teenagers like us spend about 60 minutes a day on our cellphones? Yeah I know that’s a whole lot of texting, checking our Facebook page and other social media we use. But when is it the right time to put our…

Texting & Dating

Texting & Dating

So many things in our world are changing due to technological advancements. Paper mail has now become a novelty – a hobby for some. Even books are digital now! As far as advancements that have changed the way people communicate, cell phones certainly stand out….

Car Safety

Cell Phones & Driving: New Laws in MA, Beware!

In Massachussetts, new laws regarding cell phone use while driving will become effective on Thursday, September 30th, 2010. The Safe Driving Law bans all JUNIOR drivers (drivers under 18 years old) from using their cell phones while driving; for any reason, even with a headset or…


Curb the Urge

Texting is instantaneous, simple, and gratifying. It satiates a nearly unquenchable desire to remain socially connected whether you’re suffering through a brutal class, watching an exhilarating World Cup match, or even participating in a pick-up basketball game. While texting brings loads of good to our…


Let’s Talk About … Texts???

So, there is a big controversy going on about sexting. I know many of you have heard about it either on the news or from your friends. But for those of you who don’t know, sexting is when you send sexually explicit pictures of yourself or someone…