Frowns, Cries, Tears – a poem

CryingFrowns, cries, tears
Memories that can’t be erased with the years
Hearts with scars that can never be healed
because a persons lips are forever sealed

The frowns of friends
cries of mothers
tears of sisters and brothers

All of which have scars
scars that can’t be healed
because again… how can you forget
something that made you so upset

How can you forget that
someone you loved is gone
that you’ll never hear their voice
and that you’ll never see them again
because their time in this world is done
So as days, weeks, months and years go by
you will always remember this last goodbye

A last goodbye that was probably unexpected
and therefore you are greatly affected
A last goodbye that was engraved in the center of your heart
just like when you hit the bull’s eye with a dart

People do come and go
but that’s there to show
that when you love someone
tell them and hold on to them tight
because it might be their last night

And yes it’s true
they will go to the Promised Land
where everything is all bliss
No more tears and pain
No more suffering in vain

As they let go of your hand
and enter a world of happiness
they’ll never forget you and
from above they will always be with you

And when you are upset
remember and don’t forget that your memories
will always be in your heart
and spiritually y’all will never be apart