Summertime ’09!

SummerSummer is here!

Well, summer is supposed to be here but it just doesn’t want to stop raining in Boston. Aside from that, summer is considered the “fun” season; time for you to hang out with friends, go to the mall, go on vacation, etc. But I also understand that summer time can be a little stressful as well because of all of the activities you are involved with on a daily basis. For example, I am a peer leader for the CYWH, but I’m also a member of the Crimson Summer Academy program at Harvard University. There, I take classes for which I have A LOT of homework. For example, in the expository writing class I am taking, I have an essay or at least a draft due every week for the next seven weeks. I have to take time out of my summer to go to class, and do homework (which by the way are all very time consuming). But at the same time, I make the effort to hang out with my friends and have fun.

Whether you are in a program like CSA, Upward Bound, or maybe even summer school it’s important to be able to learn how to manage your time so that you can have a productive yet fun summer. Plus, learning the skill of multi-tasking can only help you. Have a great summer, and stay safe!